About The Company

Who we are, and what we do.

VA Carolina Building's main office is based in Amelia, VA and our shop is located in Crewe, VA. We install metal roofing on residential houses and mobile homes as well as commercial and agricultural buildings. We are also known for our superior Post & Frame structures. We install in Virginia as well as North and South Carolina. We are committed to providing our customers with superior quality products and building/installation services.


What our customers have to say...

“My roof was beginning to rust, although I paid to have it sealed twice before. My park manager recommended Lifetime Metal Roofover. I had it done by your company and it looks wonderful- bright white with an overhang, trimmed in green. No more wasting money on sealing over and over again. Electric bills are lower, too. Park is looking better these days without rusting roofs. A lot of tenants have switched to Lifetime Metal Roofover. Thanks again! I will recommend your company to everyone I know.” ~ Betty W.

“Thanks so much! Everything went as planned. Crew was on time, polite, professional, and quiet and cleaned up before the left. My neighbor will be calling you.” ~ Nita P.

“This mobile home has been in our family for years, used only on weekends and holidays. It has survived numerous storms and hurricanes, and with the help of our Lifetime Metal Roofover, we don’t worry about it leaking anymore. Before, we would come down after every storm to fix leaks and remove tree limbs from the top. Now, we don’t have to worry anymore- we know it’s protected.” ~ William S.

“I was thinking about trading in my mobile home and buying a new one. Not anymore… it will now last my lifetime. It’s like having cash in the bank- I know I saved close to $1,000 this year on cooling bills. It’s quiet, too.” ~ Sandra H.

"My house looks so much better with an overhang. No more water running down the front wall and leaking in around the windows. This has added life to my home.” ~ Marvin Y.